I didn’t know that I was different from those football players

I agree with YpsiYapper about a crate that is strapped in. Sleepypod is a great brand for small pets and it has been crash tested. But Maya Pierson are large dogs so a crate is out of the question. In the COSHH hierarchy of control measures , immunisation as protection against infection at work is the last line of defence and other controls should be available. However, for workers potentially exposed to blood borne viruses, such as healthcare and biomedical laboratory staff, immunisation is an appropriate additional measure.In simple terms, this approach uses the following principles, and in the following order of consideration:If a risk assessment shows that there is a risk of exposure to biological agents, and effective vaccines exist, then provision should be made to determine whether an employee is already immunised, and immunisation should be offered to those not already immunised. The pros and cons of immunisation/non immunisation should be explained when offering immunisation to the worker at risk.Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, employers must pay for protective measures such as immunisation.

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