He is going to be putting this on there agenda for the next

Was wonderful, but terrifying at the same time. That longing was so painful , because the fulfilling of such desire is impossible. Our bodies are finite and yet our spirit longs for the infinite. He is going to be putting this on there agenda for the next meeting. Our mayor has said that he will be talking to fellow mayors who have RCMP detachments in their communities as well trying to get some sort of joint effort going. RCMP say it is a new reality since the Ottawa terror attack and that is why it is rethinking how it operates the volunteer auxiliary constables program.RCMP Assistant Commissioner Dan Malo says from now on each city, and each event , will be assessed for any potential threat.we have asked from our commanders is that they just stop and spend time thinking about how they deploy our auxiliary volunteers in our community to make sure that they stay safe.

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